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- Parseh Company, with more than 10 years of brilliant experience in the field of media and advertising products, has been able to play an important role in serving you in the field of products. This company, with its specialized team in the fields of advertising, including audio and video, can meet all your needs in the fields of: site design, printing and advertising, real estate advertising, making video and sharp advertising, and anything related to this field. Is to provide. On this page you can see a summary of all our activities

Mohammad Eftekhari
Our at a glance

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Video portfolio and occasions



Occasional and wedding portfolio

Audio activities
Such as composing, mixing and mastering, sound recording, sound effects, etc.
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Photographic portfolio
Photography in all fields, including: marriage, wedding, cosmetics, modeling, child sports, etc.

Instagram content production portfolio

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Construction and interior design projects

interior design

Building drawing and interior design

Leave the renovation of your old buildings to us.
An old cholera team with a background in interior design, building renovation and building facades.

M1 brand products

NFT Collections

Bad Monkey Club Ticket G-A

Bad Monkey Club Ticket G-A

Bad Monkey Club Ticket G-B

Bad Monkey Club Ticket G-B

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Iran, Tehran, Piroozi St., 5th Niroo Havayi St., East Side of the Second Square, No. 8, Unit 7

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